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Moveable Sight Archery

            Bow sights come in a wide range of styles and types.  They are mounted on the riser of the bow and used to help aim when shooting at a target from various distances.  The typical bow sight uses a series of fixed pins that are lined up and used depending on how far away a target is.  The pins are usually set up to represent 5 to 10 yard increments.  Movable sights are a little different because instead of the presence of multiple pins to mark certain distances, there is only one pin, but it can be moved to accommodate any distance for every shot that is going to be made.

            There are actually advantages to using a movable-pin sight.  It helps archers be more accurate because they can adjust the sight to any distance, not just in the typical 5 to 10 yard increments, making it more accurate than a fixed-pin sight.  Moveable-pin sights are best to use to eliminate aiming errors.

            People often have the question of whether it is better to invest a little more money to get the moveable-pin sight, or if they should save their money for something else and just buy a fixed-pin sight.  In general, if you enter competitions, it is better to have the movable-pin sight because of its better accuracy, but if you are buying the sight for bowhunting, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on your bow sight, because it is often hard to guess how many yards away your target is, and a movable sight does not make your guess any better.  Also, many bow hunters do not like movable-pin sights because they do not feel they have the time to reach up and adjust the distance of their pin when they spot a target.

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